Oskar C.
Minneapolis, MN

Author: Refined Dining |

My wife and I had our wedding catered by Refined Dining and we were extremely impressed with them. They were willing to work with us and serve the food we ordered from one of our favorite restaurants in Chicago. Kathleen was very helpful in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding and she and her crew worked so hard at the wedding to make sure that we were happy. The tables were set so beautifully and exactly the way we wanted and the food was presented very well as well.

The price we were quoted and the final price were simply the best out of the 4 or 5 places we checked in with, and neither of the other caterers wanted to serve food other than their own.

Prior to the wedding Kathleen met with us twice (once at the venue: The Grove in Glenview, IL) and helped with deciding where everything should be placed. It was clear that Refined Dining has a lot of experience catering weddings. They also had quite a bit of experience catering multicultural weddings as we are Polish and Kathleen already knew a lot about how thing should be done at a Polish wedding.

We highly recommend Refined Dining for any event as they are very helpful and professional people.

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