Casey B.
Chicago, IL

Author: Refined Dining |

Kathleen and Guido were really fun to work with. Our first interaction with them was quite interesting. Kathleen seemed unprepared for us to show up at her house. It was not a great first impression but after sitting with her and her husband for two hours, we were sold. They really care about their work and worked with us a lot to make sure everything was perfect. Kathleen is difficult to get a hold of by email which was frustrating for me as I was working and in grad school, so email was sometimes the best way to talk as I would work all day and then have class at night. Once you had her on the phone though, you were her number one focus. The only other critique I would have is that we had three vegan diets in our wedding. We gave them advanced notice on that and I was disappointed with the meal they came up with for those guests. It was just pasta with red sauce and a salad with no dressing. They had plenty of notice, and I thought they could at least make them side veggies that weren't in butter, or dressing with the salad. Everything else was fantastic though. Service, food, and rentals were wonderful!

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